Thursday, 19 July 2018

2018, HOWS LIFE ?

Ok. Salam guys. It's been a long time since I dont write anything here, in this ancient blog lol. Well, i'm just singgah here just to saya hi to all of you, and yeah its 2018 so hows my life ? Hows your life ? Hows everyone's life ? Getting better ? Getting worse ? Just like usual ? Wondering πŸ˜‹

So how about me ? Hows my life begin now ? Where am I studying right now ? Well, so sad to inform you that I dont even continiue my studies yet since i finished my asasi 2 years ago maybe, I forgot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I have lack of problems tht May effect my plan to go study, and one more thing I dont like studying lol.

No, no no ! Dont judge anything about my future, like "oh shes dont even get her degree so she wont get any bright futures" omg guys, you're not GOD to mention about my future. Its me, my plan & Allah know whats better for me and my future, so dont judge πŸŒΈπŸ‘Œ

Actually, these thing happens when I and my family decided to SWITCH my education area from SWASTA to KERAJAAN, as swasta's education fee was so fucking MAHAL, satu sem RM2k wow macammana nak dapat duit setebal itew. Lagipun susah skrg nak apply mana2 biasiswa, asyik2 kena tolak seja πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . Lagipun saya xberapa suka dekat my old University sbb terlampau sucks dia punya management like srsly, burned my head off.

So if I want to get SWITCH from SWASTA to KERAJAAN, I have to take muet test to apply UPU for KERAJAAN UNIVERSITY. So, lets imagine. I finished my asasi "MAY 2016" , then I have to take muet lesson at JULY 2016, and time tu SUDAH DAFTAR EXAM DKT MY OLD UNIVERSITY(DEKAT SELANGOR). Lepastu bulan June I go back Sabah for my raya and then when we check the flight ticket to go back there(as I want to take my muet test there at Selangor), it costs RM700++. Well guys, it's too much expensive, and baru ja habis raya mmg la duit banyak habis for kenduri and so on. And mmg bodoh jugak la pegi daftar muet dkt Selangor time tu, tidak fikir banyak sudah ba, main daftar ja tanpa fikir sbb last minute gila sudah time tu lol.

Lepastu burn ja la gitu πŸ˜‚. RM115 guyssss burn money mmg cilaka btl la. Habis untuk muet endup NOTHING !

Request tukar tempat ? No, can't. Sbb lambat sudah sayang, tempat di Sabah full sudah gitew. Lagipn lusanya tarikh tutup mohon tempat tukar, harini baru urus. MMG BAGUS KAN BALQIS NI. GIVE ME SOME APPLAUSE πŸ‘πŸ‘

So, I ambik la ni muet bulan November. So far berjalan dgn lancar la, and I want to apply muet pengambilan June punya ba, yang daftar muet start Feb sampai April tu. TIDAK SEMPAT ! SEBAB RESULT MUET SAYA KELUAR LAMBAT ! Lepastu kalau mau apply upu utk yg September pula, cannot sbb my old University buat hal pula management dia tiba2 hantar e-mail konon I belum bayar yuran sem akhir. MAIGAD KALAU SAYA TIDAK BAYAR KENAPA SAYA BOLEH LEPAS EXAM, and ofcourse KENAPA BARU TAHUN DEPANNYA BARU KASITAU? Itu lah sbbnya kenapa saya benci University tu, lakhnat gila ! So THAT UNIVERSITY sekat saya punya sijil utk saya sambung belajar sampai la december tu baru settle. Bodoh betul.

And masuklah tahun 2018. Haa ni bodoh sikit jugak la i. Bukan. Bodoh sikit, BODOH BANYAK πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mau apply U utk pengambilan June, jadi sudah beli pin. And friend request sama2 beli utk pengambilan bulan 9, so tangguh, but we both bodoh tidak pandai tngok tarikh, tup2 sibuk raya apa semua, TARIKH TUTUP LOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA banyak btl cabaran mau sambung belajar ni. Dua tahun i'm unemployed person, mmg gg la. Terpaksa tunggu tahun depan lagi, and insyaAllah I decided to kerja la. Cari dkt jobsmalaysia ka apaka.

Kalau dpt kerja, i wont smbung. And mau buka bisnes jugak ni. Bisnes baru , tengah kumpul duit zzZzz. Harap berjaya lah.

Now ? Im just here, scrolling tweeter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, movies, eating, sleeping and repeat. I'm just doing some dropship business, Alhamdulillah Allah soften my urusan, business ok. Income setiap bulan RM1k sometimes, sometimes lebih sometimes kurang. Yg pnting, rajin 🌸

Hows your life pula ? Ofcourse ada yg happy gila kn skrg huhuhu sedih I sis, but I bahagia hdup macam ni but sometimes boring jugak πŸ˜₯.

Apa2pun, pray for me and my kebodohan k. I wish I can move further like everyone else does ❤️

Ok gys, pen off. Thanks for reading. Loveyou xoxo πŸ’•